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    I am doing the family tree from Australia and finding it difficult to find records. I descend from a cadet branch of the MacNeills that settled in Ayrshire about the middle of the 16th century. My great great grandfather was General James George Smith Neill, If anyone has any information about the family, I would be very grateful if you could…[Read more]

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    ‘Here we go ’round the mulberry bush,

    The mulberry bush, the mulberry bush,

    Here we go ’round the mulberry bush,

    So early in the morning.”

    There are two main versions of this song that have remained

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    Wacky World has come to the Courts of Scotland and the U.K.

    1.   Make sure you have enough gas in your tank when driving on a motorway, in Scotland or the U.K. Because it’s illegal to ‘conk out’. Police have th

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    Finnich Glen is about a 100 ft. gorge and takes you deep into the sinister lost under-world of devils and witches. Its steep green moss-covered rocky sides plunge down to the blood-red waters below.

    The glen

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    Growing up in England, I carefully studied all my family tree,

    And learnt of a tiny lonely island, way out in the Atlantic Sea,

    Of always being true to who I am, and my Scottish name,

    To listening to the

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