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Just two years ago, my partner Andy, son Robin, daughter-in-law Catherine and myself, spent four wonderful days on the Isle of Barra. We flocked together for the World-Wide Gathering of the Clan Mac Neil, August 2016.

We connected with John McNeil & his son Andrew from Australia and Vince MacNeil & his family from Cape Breton (see John’s submission in The Galley FALL/WINTER 2016). We were given a tour of the island, relaxing evenings in the islander’s own homes, a charming ceilidh, culminating with a delightful clan dinner hosted by our chief Rory and his wife Sau Ming MacNeil. On our last day there my son, who owns his own IT business, came up with a great idea and our new website was hatched.

Let your fingers do the walking, ‘ ‘, The history, The people. Take the tour offered, and step inside pages and pages of unbelievable intrigue.

In the “History” section find short easy-to-read articles on some of Scotland’s Saints, her tragic Queens, and traditions such as the Sword Dance, whisky, golf, and of course the bagpipes. Did any of these really originate in Scotland? These questions are answered along with many more.

Perhaps you prefer to know about “Superstitions” like Elf-Shot, Omnis Terra, Reschtach or The Fiery Cross of Crann Tara. Or “Tales” of Skibo Castle’s Bones, the Ghosts of Glencoe or the Fairies of Eilean Donan and several others.

Maybe, you have always wanted to wear a kilt but were never sure which style would suit you best, or the quality of tartan you should choose? Should you purchase a jacket, sporran, or cromach, and what cockade would be right for your bonnet? Wonder no more, click on “Dress” and watch everything be revealed.  

Is cooking your forte? There are one hundred and twenty “Recipes” ranging from A – Z. All have some link to Scotland and while waiting to savor the mouth-watering dishes learn of their history as well.

There are “Popular Places” the current members have visited. Their exclusive insights and lovely photos unveiling the delights and amazements of Stonehenge, King Arthur’s Castle, Fort Augustus Abbey, Roatan, Jamaica, or nearer home, Yellowstone National Park, or Mont Tremblant. Learn about the ‘Kimnel’ Theatre near Glasgow International Airport or the open-air night spectacular of ‘Kynren – An Epic Tale Of England’.

The locations of Robbie Burns statues, the growing concerns over Scotland’s wildlife and the antics of summer visitors enjoying your own back garden.  Poignant stories of the funeral of Eilidh MacLeod, the Barra teenager, tragically killed by a terrorist’s bomb in Manchester.

A new world is born as you see it through the eyes of other members. Just don’t forget to click on ‘ View All ‘ at the beginning to unearth these hidden treasures.

Lastly there are sections for “Travels” – with hints on airports, train stations etc. “Member Events” – of personal achievements and their “Thoughts”. Even though I was born and brought up in England my loving dad deeply imprinted on my heart that I was a Scot. My article on his final moments still inspires me. I hope he can see us flying our banners high, wearing his tartan and representing everything he stood for.

From that small idea in your grandson’s head came this fantastic vision. A lot of hard work and monetary outlay, but we are growing day by day. Just take a peak – I am sure you will be delighted, ‘, The history, The people. After your initial tour enroll in our free one week’s subscription to see all it has to offer. Then, if you are as excited as we are, “Failte, come ‘n’ jyne us”,


“Welcome, come and join us”, for $25.00 CDN annually, (currently, $ 15.3 US)

And visit us often, new articles are added weekly.  

a)             Fees keeps the website private & free of adds, therefore no privacy issues.

b)            Members can post pictures, videos, build albums

c)             Members can create articles about their activities, stories, recipes, etc.

d)            Members can communicate, send messages, chat with one another

e)             Members can post locations they have visited with info to help one another

f)              We will also help find a local group for them to join if they wish.


 “I give thanks to my partner Andy for his help and understanding in letting this website take over my life for weeks at a time, to my son Robin and my daughter-in-law Catherine for beginning my dream, and for my family and friends, at home and abroad, for their support in keeping my dream alive”.



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