Tales about Selkie Fowk or “Seal Folk” are abundant in Scotland, especially around every island. 

A mermaid was the most beautiful creature created of all time. She had the perfect body, without a tail, and was so fair of face that even the daintiest lady of all the land could not match up to her.

But a long, long time ago there was a great queen. One day she went down to the sea to bathe. As she walked back to the shore she spied a mermaid sunning herself on a rock. The mermaid was naked and as her wet skin glistened in the bright sunlight, she sat serene, combing through her long shiny hair.

The queen was astonished by her beauty but deeply upset at her nakedness and quickly sent her maids back to the castle for some clothes for the mermaid to wear.

The mermaid explained to the queen that she was not ashamed to show off her body and that she was a queen herself. Queen of the Sea. She needed no clothes to hide her fair skin nor to dampen her lovely looks.

This made the queen very angry and she was so jealous of the mermaid that she had a law declared, that from then on – “No woman should be seen naked on the seashore”. And that every man, “should no longer linger on the beach and listen to the wonderful enchanting voices of the mermaids”. The queen was convinced the mermaids would lure the men away forever.

Unfortunately, the queen’s rage did not stop there. She had the high judge of the land issue a further ban. “If mermaids were not to wear clothes then they would wear a tail instead”. 

However, the judge felt pity on the mermaids and added a sympathetic clause to his decree.

“That if any man fell hopelessly in love with a mermaid she should have the power to cast off her tail”.



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