• ‘Here we go ’round the mulberry bush,

    The mulberry bush, the mulberry bush,

    Here we go ’round the mulberry bush,

    So early in the morning.”

    There are two main versions of this song that have remained

  • louisa wrote a new post, Scotland's Laws, on the site Clan MacNeil 1 year, 10 months ago

    Wacky World has come to the Courts of Scotland and the U.K.

    1.   Make sure you have enough gas in your tank when driving on a motorway, in Scotland or the U.K. Because it’s illegal to ‘conk out’. Police have th

  • Finnich Glen is about a 100 ft. gorge and takes you deep into the sinister lost under-world of devils and witches. Its steep green moss-covered rocky sides plunge down to the blood-red waters below.

    The glen

  • louisa wrote a new post, My Beloved Isle, on the site Clan MacNeil 1 year, 10 months ago

    Growing up in England, I carefully studied all my family tree,

    And learnt of a tiny lonely island, way out in the Atlantic Sea,

    Of always being true to who I am, and my Scottish name,

    To listening to the

  • louisa wrote a new post, Sea Spaghetti, on the site Clan MacNeil 1 year, 10 months ago

    Sea Spaghetti is thought of as the, ‘new kale’. Found on the shores of the Isle of Bute or around both west & east coasts of Scotland, at Argyll or Fife. It grows on rocks, preferably sloping ones, at the edge of

  • Its is a real wonder what a little bottle of herbs called the, ‘Flowers of Scotland’ contains.

    The mixture is used as a spread, with which you can coat your vegetables, smear them on fish or meat, or sprinkle

  • Unfortunately, another joyful, traditional event has been cancelled in a Scottish Town.

    Moffat is situated in the Scottish Borders, just north of England. It is south of Glasgow and Edinburgh, and can be

  • louisa wrote a new post, The Heather, on the site Clan MacNeil 1 year, 10 months ago

    The name heather comes from the Gaelic name of, ‘haeddre’, and means heathland. The species mostly found on Scotland is the, Ling Heather known as, ‘Lyng’, which is a Norse word for, ‘light in weight’.


  • Description:-

    Scottish heather, is found in abundance, on the wild, wind-swept moors of Scotland.

    Heather honey is among one of the top healthy foods.

    It has a tangy piquant, delicately sweet

  • Description:

    Scottish heather honey is one of the finest there is.

    Its warm, woody, sweet aroma reminds you of the pine scented woodlands of the Scottish Highlands.

    The inclusion of a strong dark tea,

  • The ‘Dryas’ flower is named, after the ‘Dryads’, which are nymphs, of Greek mythology. They are also called, ‘hamadryad’ which were spirit creatures, who used to live in oak trees. (Dryas leaves resemble those of

  • It was first composed as a pipe tune in 1982 for the Highland Games in Germany. ‘Highland Cathedral’, or   “Cathair – eaglais na Gaidhealtachd”  music score, was written by two German musicians, Ulrich Roever and

  • From a tune created in about 1911 came words in 1951, and ‘Scotland the Brave’ or “Alba An Aigh”, was born.

    Cliff Hanley, songwriter & author, wrote the lyrics for Robert Wilson. He required a song to end his

  • As part of the United Kingdom, Scotland has never had an official registered “national anthem”.

    However, whenever a Scottish sport’s team takes to the field the rousing Scots can be heard singing one of their

  • The Rinns of Galloway is a stretch of land known as a, ‘hammer-head’ peninsular. Its Gaelic name is, “Na Rannaibh”, and means, ‘a point or headland’.

    Twenty -five miles long from north to south, it lies on the

  • louisa wrote a new post, Rosa Rugosa, on the site Clan MacNeil 1 year, 10 months ago

    Native to Eastern Asia, Rosa Rugosa, (wrinkled rose), was brought to Britain in the eighteenth century to be used in organized gardens. However, it was such an unbelievable hardy plant, defying all known diseases

  • louisa wrote a new post, Mistletoe, on the site Clan MacNeil 1 year, 10 months ago

    Mistletoe traditions, in Scotland, come from two very different sources.

    When the Romans settled in Britain, they despised and dreaded the Druids. It wasn’t until AD60 that they were able to drive them out. How

  • From the time King James II fled, in 1688, to France, in exile, several ‘Jacobite Risings’ arose in Scotland. They extended over nearly sixty years, all to put James or his son back on the throne.

    In 1719, the

  • louisa wrote a new post, Urquhart Castle, on the site Clan MacNeil 1 year, 10 months ago

    Castle Urquhart, (pronounced UR-KUHT) and meaning, ‘on or by a thicket’, was once a home of the Comyn Clan.

    Situated on the now A82, just a few kilometres from the village of Drumnadrochit, it stands on a rocky

  • louisa wrote a new post, Kelty Coal Race, on the site Clan MacNeil 1 year, 10 months ago

    Towards the end of the 1800’s coal miners in Kelty, Fife, Scotland, would run home with lumps of coal, ‘rakers’ & ‘clugs’, at the end of their shift.

    In remembrance of these hard times and the brave men who

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