Discount Rail Tickets can help with the cost of train travel in Britain.

If you live abroad there are several ways to accomplish this. One is to “Advance Book” your seats on-line. However, you are then limited to catch the train you have selected. If your flights are delayed and you miss your booked train you will lose your money and will have to re-book.

If you are a senior, you can buy “Senior Railcards”. These cost thirty pounds each, so even though the card is valid for one full year you need to travel two or more long journeys to reap the savings.

If there are two of you traveling together, the answer is a “Two Together Railcard”        

This costs thirty pounds (fifteen pounds each) and pays for itself with your first train ticket. There is a downside to this card and one which British Rail should find a remedy to. You cannot buy this card at an airport.  You can purchase this card on-line while abroad, if you have a British address to which they can send it, and from which you can pick it up before you begin traveling. Many people arriving from abroad, do not, as they start their journey from an airport.

You first have to get to a train station that supplies them. Not all stations do – so check with British Rail first. It takes only about ten minutes to fill out the application and purchase the card providing you have a passport photo of each person named on the card.

Although the instructions say, “Passport Photo” is required – a Canadian Passport Photo is too big. It is more like a “Canadian Citizenship Photo”, it should measure 3.5cm x 4.5cm.

Even with its downside this, “Two Together Railcard”,  is well worth it.



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