Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a rich gentleman in a very grand house. He took himself a wife, a dainty noble lady of such grace & dignity. The lady loved her beautiful new home with all its gorgeous furniture, and she adored the extravagant clothes and exotic perfume her husband bought her.

However, he was a good business man and wanted his wife to work for the lavish lifestyle he provided. He told her she must learn to spin and give him twelve hanks of thread a day. But she was a lady, who had never done such menial work. Her husband was adamant and became angry towards her. It made her very sad.

He told her he was going away and when he got back there must be one hundred hanks of thread waiting for him.

The lady was appalled and went out into the countryside for a stroll in the fresh air. She happened upon a large stone, where she rested. Suddenly, she heard music drifting out of the ground. When she moved the stone she saw a cave and six wee women in green dresses spinning away and singing, ” Little ken’s my dame at hame, That Whipperty Stourie is my name”.

The women welcomed her to stay awhile as they spun. The lady noticed one of them had a strange face, but she didn’t like to ask her what was the matter. They queried her, why was she so upset “My husband is wealthy, there is no need for me to work, yet he wants me to learn how to spin. I am of genteel birth have never done such a thing before”.

“Is that your only worry?” said the women. “Yes”, replied the lady, almost ready to let her tears start flowing again, so depressed she was.

“We can solve that problem my dear, just ask us to your home for a meal on the day your husband returns. We will sort him out”.

And so, the big house was all a hustle & a bustle when the gentleman arrived back. He forgot to ask about the thread in the expectations of such a full household for dinner. Soon a coach drew up and the six ladies, still in their green frocks but looking so refined in bonnets and boots, stepped out.

The gentleman was the perfect host and took them into the dining hall to seat them at the table. He diligently conversed with them even though he noticed they all had peculiar looking faces. He couldn’t help staring at them. Finally, he asked, in as friendly a way as possible, “Excuse me ladies, can I ask why your lovely faces are so disfigured ?” 

“Oh that!” commented the women all together, “that is from all the spinning we do”.

“No Way!” replied the man, and immediately called his servants to him. “Go destroy every spinning wheel, every reel and every bushel of wool, that you can find in the house. I’ll not have the delicate fair features of my wife’s face injured like that”.

So, the lady was well pleased. And lived happily ever after.





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